Package 3

English Language Teachers (ELT) 2

The package offers 4 courses in total that covers Understanding Emotional Needs of A Child & Teenage, Learning Styles, Classroom activities, Interaction and Motivation and Merdeka Curriculum and Its Implementation.

Package Dates

June 27 - July 01, 2022

Package Length

5 days

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Understanding Emotional Needs of A Child & Teenage

The seminar reveals the importance of students' emotional needs and its impact on the learning process. Through research, teachers gain an understanding of the importance of meeting students' emotional needs.



Learning Styles

The seminar will explain the different styles of teaching and how they can be used in teaching. Participants will get acquainted with the theory of "multiple intelligence" and its concepts.



Classroom Activities, Interaction and Motivation

This course concerns what kinds of activities help students to learn English well, through exploring factors we need to consider when choosing, using and adapting activities, such as interaction, motivation and classroom management. We will also look at how to evaluate activities and adapt them or devise our own when necessary.



Merdeka Curriculum and Its Implementation

This seminar will contain discussion of the "Merdeka Curriculum and Its Implementation”. Seminar will be delivered by a practitioner who is experienced in providing training and best practice regarding the "Merdeka Curriculum". Participants also will be given knowledge about "Merdeka Curriculum" design, structure, assessment, learning outcomes, and the preparation of learning modules.


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