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Digital Marketing - Public Relations

In the school ecosystem, especially in the topic of new students’ recruitment, digital marketing and public relations play a major role in determining the success parameter. Here you will learn more about different strategies and the corelation between new students recruitment and both digital marketing and public relations.

Package Dates

December 19-20, 2022

Package Length

3 days

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How to be the best PR

Rahmat Hidayat, S.Sos., M.Pd.

Tips increasing PSB


Follow-up Leads

Ninda Rusyati

DM Strategies for PSB

Ulul Ilmi, M.Ed.

Sumber Trafik dan Potensi Sekolah untuk PSB

Adi Putro Raharjo, S.Sn.


Gatot Susilo, S.Pd.

Marketing Communication

Razi Thalib

Database Management

Orhan Kul

PR-DM Handbook

Fandi Arfianto


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