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Educamp is the provider of teaching proficiency development for inservice teachers and re-service teacher that conducts programs according to the cutting-edge teaching strategies and sets appraisal visit throughout the year to build teacher’s permanent character and skills beneficial to the institution.

EduCamp aims to prepare each individual for the academic, social, emotional and moral competencies of the 21st century with the comprising knowledge, skills, attitude and understanding filtered from a broad curriculum sensitive to local, national and international demands and context.


The outcome of fulfilling our mission is to raise and develop learners and teachers who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged.


Development is about improvement – both individual and institutional improvement. Continuing professional development embraces those education, training and support activities engaged in by teachers following their initial certification which aim to add to their professional knowledge, improve their professional skills, help clarify their professional values, enable pupils to be educated more effectively.

Educamp helps developing schools as learning organisations, and in ways for teachers to share their expertise and experience more systematically, and engage to focus on the needs of their students. Educamp takes instructors to the cutting edge of the teaching skills. Educamp works hard to keep teachers and teaching materials up to date.

Parents and community demands on education for their child are increasing. Teachers must adopt more innovative forms of teaching to display the best quality teaching and support complex skills students need to be prepared for further education and work in 21st century.


EduCamp is the most effective program to meet parents and community demand on the best quality of teaching for every child. EduCamp helps schools to ensure that the teachers continue to strengthen their practice throughout their career and engage to focus on the needs of their student.


Observing other teachers teaching, Watching a colleague present an assembly, Observing a visiting expert, Shadowing a colleague, Visiting and seeing other schools in action, Taking part in developing a learning community


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