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What does AFT offer?

Pre-service teachers have the chance to observe the experienced mentor classes and experience real professional experience in teaching.

Provide Educational and Guidance seminars to enrich and enhance pre-service professional knowledge and skills.

Follow-up for the pre-service teachers during the program to give support and feedback on a regular basis.

What is AFT?

Academy of Future Teachers is a program that offers professional experience to candidate teachers before they have undertaken any teaching in real world contexts such as schools and/or early childhood education institutions.
During the program, pre-service teachers will develop skills including planning and lesson implementation, creating resources, assessing and analysing students’ learning, classroom management and reflection on the practice.
Experienced mentor teachers will guide the development of the pre-service teachers.

Why you should join AFT

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Professional Experience

Developing skills including planning and lesson implementation, assessing and analysing student learning, classroom management and reflection on practice.

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Experienced Mentors

Mentors have comprehensive experience teaching in Indonesia leading schools and are professionally qualified in education.


Hiring Partner

Provide chances for candidate teachers to be hired by our affiliated schools across Indonesia.


    1. University Student (Semester 8), completed the Undergraduate and/or Graduate program of English, Mathematics, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Bahasa Indonesia, Civic Education, Social Science, Sports, Art & Music, Economy, History, Islamic Religion, Early Childhood (PGPAUD).

    2. Currently is not working/employed at any institution or establishments.

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Important Date

24 July 2023
Registration Open
24 Aug 2023
Registration Deadline
26 Aug 2023
Selection Exam
28 Aug 2023
Result Announcement
28 Aug - 2 Sep 2023
4 Sep 2023
Interview Result Announcement
6 Sep 2023
AFT First Day (Contract Signing)

What they say about AFT

Yeni Yuliana PutriParticipant
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"The experience I had during AFT was amazing. I feel lucky to be able to make observations in a class with extraordinary students. My observation activities went smoothly, quite interesting. I have also done teaching practice once, and I got input from a mentor that was quite constructive for me. My mentor is also excellent. She is kind and communicative."
Diah Eka PratiwiParticipant
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"I had been in all of Mr. Maksat Yazlev's Classes. And all of it was very fun and gave me the motivational spirit to make learning more fun. My mentor also gave me a lot of feedback and suggestions on preparing for classes, class management, etc."
Devi Arhami PutriParticipant
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"I'm excited to have the opportunity to join this excellent program. I got many precious experiences of seeing how a good education environment is established and supported by all community members. Every person I met here holds their responsibility well. It was only two weeks, but I learned a lot. I hope to complete this program with a good ending."
Muhammad Syam AdegustianParticipant
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"It has not been what I had expected. It has been much better. The more time I spend here, the clearer I can see what I must do as a future teacher. The clear guidelines and professionalism I have seen and experienced have been much more than I had anticipated. This is all, of course, thanks to the AFT Coordinators, Fatih Bilingual School Site Coordinator, AFT Mentors, as well as other members of the AFT Family."

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